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The Ultimate SGI Vacation Packing List

Today is the day! As I type this, we are on our way to St. George Island. We are super pumped and we are ready to have a big adventure week where we are going to check out new restaurants and activities that we’ve never done before.

Because we live in Denver, our trips are typically comprised of a plane ride followed by a drive in a rental car.

Most of the time when we stay at one of our vacation rental homes on St. George Island, we have Jonathan’s extended family, but this week it is just the five of us and our dog Izzy (with a couple of visits from the family). We’re staying at our beachfront home, Sea Dunes, and it’s gonna be a great week! This is Izzy’s first visit to St. George Island, and she’s excited to be off of the airplane!

I’m a big list maker so I thought I’d share our packing list for our trip to St. George Island. Please remember that this list is for me, Jonathan and our three kids (9-, 7- and 3-year olds).

Here is our list for this week:

Kids clothes:

Bathing suits

Flip flops







Beach items:

Beach blanket

Beach towels

Sunscreen (for adults)

Sunscreen (for kids)

Pool float for the 3-year old


Toiletries, etc.:

Kids shampoo

Specialty shampoo for me

Face wash



Contact solution

Contact case



Allergy medicine

Kids Benadryl

Kids Ibuprophen

Kids Tylenol


Dog items:

Travel bag for the airplane




Immunization record

Other items:

Car seat

Booster seat

Car seat travel bag

Golf clubs

Golf shoes

Travel items:



Kids’ DVD player

Kids’ tablets

Digital camera

Cell phone chargers

Car adapter for chargers

Tablet chargers

Graham cracker sticks

Chips Ahoy cookies (travel pack)

Dry cereal for breakfast

Do you have anything to add to our list? Please share it in the comments section below and help our future travelers! We’re looking forward to telling you about our great week, so make sure you check back for our upcoming blogs.

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