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The Best Time to Visit St. George Island

We are T-minus three weeks from our family trip to St. George Island…and we can’t wait! Our family typically schedules a regular trip to St. George Island the week before Memorial Day (we usually stay at Serene Dream). This is a great time to visit the island. However, this year we had a big family reunion in May so we didn’t get to do our normal trip this year. (To read about our family reunion experience and being “on the other side,” click here). Because we missed our normal May trip, we’re trying something new and going the week after Labor Day (just three weeks away!...did I say that already?).

When my family started visiting St. George Island while I was in college, we started going at the beginning of fall. The fall is a great time to visit St. George Island because 1) the weather is awesome, 2) it’s even quieter than the summer, and 3) it’s cheaper! We still have open weeks at our homes, and we encourage you to check out St. George Island during this remarkable time of year.

According to Intellicast, the average high temperature in July is 90 degrees. My guess is that anybody that has been to St. George Island in July probably thinks that average is too low. When you add in the humidity, you can start sweating before you walk out the door of your vacation rental! However, the temperature is still warm (87) in September, and in October, the average high is 80 degrees. The average low in October is still in the low 60s so it’s still comfortable at night.

More important than the outside air temperature is the temperature of the water at the beach. At St. George Island Beach Vacations there is one question we are asked all the time, “What is the water temperature in ________ month?”. Below is a table that shows the average water temperature (as well as the air temperatures) for each month. The water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico begins to fall in mid to late August. Therefore, September and October continue to have warm water temperatures at the beach.

Sources: Intellicast,, and

Rarely will you ever hear someone say that St. George Island is “busy.” Even at the peak of the peak season (like July 4th week), no one has any problem finding a spot on the beach on St. George Island. However, you can feel like you have the whole beach to yourself when you’re on St. George Island in September or October.

Finally, if you’re looking to rent a vacation rental home on St. George Island during the fall, you’re going to pay much less for your rental home. At St. George Island Beach Vacations, our fall rates are typically ~40% less than our summer rates. You can enjoy great rates with nearly empty beaches and awesome weather. It doesn’t get any better than that!

We aren’t the only ones that think that St. George Island is a great place to visit in the fall either! Outside Magazine called St. George Island one of the “Best Fall Beach Escapes in the U.S.” While the fall is great, the Tallahassee Democrat also says that the winter is “A great time to recharge on St. George Island.

We still have several open weeks in the fall this year at Sand Dollar, Sea Dunes and Serene Dream. Come check out the island in the “low season” and have a great time with us!

Have you been to SGI in the fall? When is your favorite time to visit the island? Let us know in the comment section below.

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