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SGI Food Truck - Come for the Food, Leave with Some Laughs

Though fairly new to the island, the SGI Food Truck has quickly become one of the most popular attractions for those on their St. George Island beach vacation. After moving to the island from the Nashville area in March of 2019, Kim Council and the SGI Food Truck have been a go-to stop for great food and great laughs. Kim is arguably one of the funniest people around, and you can tell she loves what she does!

The SGI Food Truck is typically parked at 49 W Gorrie Dr. at the center of the island and next to Weber’s Donuts. With its central location and bright colors, you can’t miss it! The best part about the Food Truck is that the menu changes every day. Kim is constantly changing her specials and can include everything from Buffalo shrimp tacos to the Mac Attack Burger (mac n cheese on a burger!), from brisket nachos to the Piggy Back (combo of a pulled pork sandwich and a burger). She’s always coming up with something creative and delicious! To see each day’s specials, make sure you check out the SGI Food Truck Facebook page. I’ve even told Kim that she has the best food pictures on the island, and if they don’t make you hungry, something’s wrong!

Many people will take their food to go, but if you want to hang out near the Food Truck and eat your food right away, there are a few picnic tables nearby where you can eat and enjoy the gulf breezes.

Another great reason to like Kim is her willingness to give back. She is often doing things for charity and helping others. Recently, Kim has been working with Aaron Meals, an organization that provides food, clothing, blankets, shoes and other necessary items to those in need. Aaron Meals actually partners with food trucks, like the SGI Food Truck, to provide meals and show people that they are loved and that they matter. Aaron Meals provides meals to over 100 people every week. To learn more about this great organization, check out their website.

In addition to Aaron Meals, the SGI Food Truck also gives back to Kim’s former community in Tennessee by supporting animal rescues and donating money to the CG Freck Foundation. The proceeds from the purchase of each “Rescue Dawg” support these rescue animals.

Are you looking for a little something different for your large family vacation? The Food Truck caters too! Whether you’d like for Kim to bring the food truck with the “normal” menu or would like a delicious low country boil, give Kim a call at 615-630-4711. Call her up if you need your own personal chef for the evening!

So…you can find The Food Truck at the center of the island and they can cater your large party or event, but could there possibly be other options for this busy lady? Yes! The Food Truck will often travel around to places all over Franklin County including Bayside Coffee in Eastpoint, Sometimes It’s Hotter on SGI and High Five Dive Bar in Apalach. Kim gets around! Just check the Facebook page for the latest.

Looking for a mouth-watering burger, some delicious Bar-B-Q, a “Rescue Dawg” or one of the other many specials at the Food Truck? Then make sure you visit Kim at the SGI Food Truck and get some good food and have a great time!


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