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Island Dog Outdoors - The Highest Quality Rentals on SGI

One of the most popular things to do on St. George Island (besides being in the water) is a golf cart rental. If you’ve been on many SGI beach vacations, you are guaranteed to see plenty of golf carts from Island Dog Outdoors. Island Dog carries top-notch rentals whether you’re looking for golf carts, stand-up paddleboards (SUP), bikes or beach carts. They continually invest in their equipment offering, and it always shows because of the high quality.

Island Dog Outfitters is located behind Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream at 140 E Pine Ave on St. George Island. Once you arrive, you’ll notice that Island Dog is actually more like two separate businesses. While they do have a very large fleet of rental gear, they also have a large two-story beach store.

Once you walk into the store, you’ll see everything you can possibly need to remember your SGI vacation. From t-shirts to flip-flops, from beach bags to towels, from beach games to mugs, from sunglasses to artwork, they have it all!

Island Dog is dog-friendly too! Would you expect anything less? You can always bring your pooch to the store to check out the merchandise.

While the store carries everything you could possibly need, we believe that Island Dog is primarily known for its rentals. What we have always liked about the rentals at Island Dog is that they always look brand new. There are no run-down golf carts driving around SGI that have the Island Dog logo on the side. Island Dog proudly displays their logo on every golf cart because they know that the best advertisement for their business is more people seeing their high-quality golf carts. Island Dog offers both 4-person and 6-person gas-powered golf carts. For more details on Island Dog’s golf carts and anything else, make sure you check out their website. However, if you want more details on pricing for any of Island Dog’s rentals, call them at (850) 927–7700.

Whether you want to ride a bike along the path on Gulf Beach Drive or you’re staying in the Plantation and want to enjoy the 12 miles of shaded bike paths, Island Dog has the bike rental for you.

Island Dog also has high-quality stand-up paddleboards for rent. In addition to rentals, they also offer SUP excursions on the bay or gulf side of St. George Island. Whether you want a private or a group excursion, Island Dog’s exceptional staff can accommodate groups up to six. Even your dog can participate. You will use their highest quality, lightweight equipment that will help make your SUP excursion unforgettable. To learn more about excursions make sure you check out the Island Dog website.

In addition to renting golf carts, bikes, SUPs, etc., Island Dog also has many of these items for sale as well. Island Dog sells YOLO paddleboards, LIVE Watersports paddleboards, Triton kayak trailers, Angler’s Fish-N-Mate Carts for the fishing enthusiasts, YOLO eBikes, and YOLO Cruiser Bikes. Make sure you stop by outside to learn more about how you can purchase these items.

At SGI Beach Vacations, we offer special discounts to Island Dog for our guests. We chose to work with Island Dog because we want to work with the best companies on the island to match the high-quality experience that our guests have at our homes. For the latest information about Island Dog, always check out their Facebook page.

(Please note that SGI Beach Vacations did not receive any compensation for this blog post.)


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