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Wings & Rings at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

Are you a chicken wing fan? Do you love smoked meat? Then you must check out Fat Daddy’s in Eastpoint. On Tuesday nights, Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, the best BBQ on the Forgotten Coast, has smoked wing night where they charge just $0.75/wing. Great prices and even better food…what a combination!

Fat Daddy’s has become a regular item on the list of things to do on our St. George Island trips. Like BJ’s Pizza, Aunt Ebby’s and the Olde Time Soda Fountain, Tuesday nights at Fat Daddy’s is becoming a regular occurrence.

Fat Daddy’s was founded in 2021 and is located at 897 Highway 98 on the eastern side of Eastpoint. The building is located in the western portion of the Coastline RV Park. They are open Tuesday-Sunday, and even serve breakfast Thursday-Sunday. Fat Daddy’s is open until 7:00 pm Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and open until 8:00 on Friday and Saturday nights.

When it’s nice outside, you can sit outside of the restaurant at the picnic tables and enjoy the bay breeze and potentially some beautiful sunsets. Inside the restaurant, you will find 10-15 tables for seating. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner while feeling the bay breeze through the windows.

The menu is focused on the smoker. From ribs to chicken, brisket to ribs, Fat Daddy’s smoked meat is very good. They even have “Fat Daddy’s Parfait,” a combination of BBQ baked beans, pulled pork and cole slaw. If BBQ isn’t your thing (you probably shouldn’t go to a BBQ restaurant 😊 ) then they also have chicken tenders, catfish and shrimp baskets.

The appetizers range from pork nachos to hushpuppies to pork eggrolls. We tried the Boudin Balls. I still have no idea what they were, but according to our oldest, “they are weirdly good!”

Our favorite, though, is the wings! We lived in upstate NY for 13.5 years before moving to Denver, so we know good wings. Finding good wings is hard, especially when you eat them where they were created in Buffalo. However, Tuesday night is wing night at Fat Daddy’s, and they are REALLY GOOD! In a recent trip to SGI, our soon-to-be brother-n-law (my sister’s getting married) said they were “the best wings he’s ever had.”

Whether you like the wings with just the dry rub (they are really good with just the dry rub!) or prefer them with a sauce (they have 6-8 options for BBQ sauces), everyone can find a flavor that they like with Fat Daddy’s wings. For the people that smoke their own meat at home, they will know that smoking meats with skin (like chicken) is very difficult. However, Fat Daddy’s has mastered the chicken wing skin and they are perfect! If only I could smoke wings like this at home!

If I have one suggestion for Fat Daddy’s, I’d like to see an improvement in the side items on the menu. The onion rings are really good, but each time I’ve had the crinkle fries, they’ve been undercooked/soggy. I think the mac & cheese could improve too, but you don’t go to Fat Daddy’s for the sides…you go for the meat! As a home meat-smoker myself, Fat Daddy’s does great…especially their wings.

After you finish your delicious meal at Fat Daddy’s you can step outside in the front yard and play some corn hole. The front of Fat Daddy’s has really cool scrub oaks, and guests can play corn hole to burn off some calories.

Clearly, everyone can see that my corn hole form is perfect. My team clearly won this time!

Whether you’re looking to go to Fat Daddy’s on wing night or going to check out prime rib night on Friday or a dry-aged ribeye steak, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you check Fat Daddy’s Facebook page to get an update on all of their specials, or if you’re feeling like drooling over some really good BBQ!

(Please note that SGI Beach Vacations did not receive any compensation for this blog post.)


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