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St. George Island - Finalist for Best City for Pet Travelers


There are few opportunities for St. George Island to gain national attention. For several years, SGI has made the list of top 10 beaches in America (SGI was #3 in America in 2015).

Right now, the website, is running a pole of the “Best Cities for Pet Travelers.” St. George Island has made the finals, and we need your vote! Click on this link and cast your vote for St. George Island!

Normally we publish our blogs on the weekend, but we wanted to put out a short blog so that everyone knows about this pole. The voting ends tomorrow (and results will be announced on Thursday, April 5th). Go cast your vote now!

All of our St. George Island vacation rentals are pet friendly, so just contact us for details. We’d love to help you have a great vacation at the most pet-friendly city for travelers!

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