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Welcome to SGI Beach Vacations

Some may be asking us, why are doing all of this? Why create a website? Why start writing a blog? Who really likes blogs?

The reason is that we want to create a better experience for vacationers on St. George Island. Vacation rental websites like VRBO, Homeaway, and AirBnB are getting far too expensive for travelers, and we want to offer an alternative to the high fees that these websites charge (as much as $400!!). They are making the vacation experience less personal and taking away the relationship that we have with our renters.

So while we are trying to offer an alternative to the high booking fees, we also want St. George Island Beach Vacations to be a one-stop-shop for questions you might have about one of the top beaches in America. Our blog will offer all kinds of information. We plan to talk about our favorite restaurants, things to do and events on and around St. George Island, our family vacations to SGI, and maybe even a few family updates on the Beigles. We may even have a guest blogger every once in a while! We love the Island, and we are always discovering new things about the area. We hope this website will help to further develop our relationships with our renters and make everyone's vacation as fun and enjoyable as possible.

We are not a property management company, but we are going to try to make it look as professional as a stay-at-home mom and a finance guy can! :) We are always open to additional suggestions if you'd like to see us do something more or different.

The purpose of our blog will be primarily to promote things that are happening on St. George Island or in the area (and not necessarily to rent our three homes). We want to be a go-to spot for you to learn more about the Island. If you know of someone that loves St. George Island or is planning to visit soon, please let them know about our website/blog.

Stay tuned! We think it's going to be a lot of fun!

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