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Doc Myers - The Tiki in Paradise

Please note that Doc Myers is under new ownership with a new menu. Please keep an eye out for a future blog on "Mango Mike's."

Are you looking for a truly unique restaurant atmosphere on St. George Island? Then Doc Myers’ is the spot! Doc Myers’ is one of the newest restaurants on the island (it opened in 2017 at 36 W. Pine Ave on St. George Island), and the key feature is the atmosphere. Doc’s is an open air tiki hut that serves great food, and you need to check it out the next time you’re on St. George Island.

Welcome to Doc Myers'

Our last visit to Doc’s was on a Friday night. It was pretty busy, but our group of six was seated right away. Doc Myers’ has picnic tables under the tiki hut for seating, which fits right in with the laid back atmosphere. Doc’s could be considered a “tiki sports bar” because they have eight big screen TVs around the bar area that are always playing the big game.

Big TVs are everywhere!

After we sat down, we ordered our drinks and our waitress did a good job bringing our drinks out promptly, despite the busy night. Some would say that Doc’s has a limited menu, but we found plenty of items to satisfy our group of six, and we decided to order several items and eat our meal family style. Below is a picture of the specials menu when we were there, but if you want to check out the full menu, just click here.

We thought the prices were very good, especially 50-cent wings!

Another big feature is the lawn games. Doc’s has huge Connect Four and several corn hole games set up that our kids loved!

Perfect form

In addition to the lawn games, while waiting for our food, we sat in the big green Adirondack chair to get a picture. You can tell we are near the end of our vacation week because we are looking nice and tan!

After spending some time getting a family picture and playing some corn hole, our waitress brought our food. We ordered the meatball sandwich with fries, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and a burger with fries and medium Buffalo wings. Let me just stop right there…you have to remember we are from upstate NY…you know…where they CREATED Buffalo wings! What are we doing ordering wings at a beach tiki bar? Well, let me tell you, my wife, Krista, thought the same thing. Then we started eating…and those wings were AWESOME! I’d probably argue that they were the best wings we’ve had outside of the state of New York! They were so good, that we decided to order another round of wings. As you can see in the picture below, we ate the food so fast that I couldn’t get a picture before it was almost gone!

The food was gone fast!

Another thing to note is that Doc Myers’ has live music most nights of the week. As we were eating our food, the musicians started to play. The kids just couldn’t sit still, so we told them that they could up in front of the stage and dance to the music. They probably entertained the whole restaurant, but they had a really good time.

Are you looking for a truly unique experience on the island? Then you need to drive from your St. George Island Vacation home to Doc Myers’ to enjoy some good food, some games and some music! Have you been to Doc Myers’ lately? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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