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Our New Favorite Restaurant in Apalach - The Station

We’d love to share with you our new favorite restaurant in the St. George Island area. It’s called The Station. As you can imagine, The Station is an old gas station that has been completely remodeled and converted to a restaurant. If you’re looking for some really good seafood, you need to visit The Station and you won’t be disappointed!

The Station opened the weekend of July 4th, 2017. TJ Pendleton and his wife are the owners. TJ’s grandfather ran the gas station that occupied the building from 1971 until 2008 when the gas station closed. TJ’s wife had the idea last year to open up a raw bar and specialize in seafood. Interestingly enough (and we just found this out recently), TJ used to work for a contractor on St. George Island and he personally did a lot of work for us at Sand Dollar, Sea Dunes, and Serene Dream. I spoke with TJ all the time about repairs that needed to be done. He eventually left that contractor, but I never found out why. While we knew we loved The Station, we didn’t know it was TJ’s place!

The Station is located on Market St. in Apalachicola (Google says it is on Ave. B, but the front of the restaurant faces Market St). It is about a 15 minute drive once to get onto the bridge from St. George Island and is one of the first buildings on the right after you arrive in Apalach. The Station is open 12– 4 pm on Sunday and then 11 – 9 on Tuesday - Saturday. Please note that The Station is closed on Mondays.

Now, let’s get to the food… The first time we ate at The Station, it was kind of an accident. I was on SGI with my buddy, Adam Bixby, taking pictures of the Island and drove to Apalachicola to get some dinner. Having no idea where to eat, we stopped at The Station, and we were not disappointed! There is some outdoor seating, but we sat inside because it was December. I ordered the shrimp tacos and Adam had the low country boil. The shrimp tacos were $10 and the low country boil was $12. There was a lot of food, especially with the low country boil! The low country boil comes with red potatoes, an ear of corn, sausage and a ton of shrimp! Adam kept saying it was the best seafood he’d ever had!

About a week later, Krista and I went to St. George Island to check in on the houses and restock supplies. I took Krista back to The Station and the 2nd time was as good as the first! This time I had the low country boil. After picking up the scraps from Adam’s meal last time, I had to get my own…it was delicious! (Sorry...but I couldn't wait to eat it, and I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway done with my food!) Krista had the fried shrimp with sweet potato fries. We’ve had Terry as our waiter both times that we’ve eaten at The Station, and he kept our drinks full and provided great service for us.

Overall, The Station is 2-for-2 in offering a great experience for us. We’re happy to recommend them as our favorite seafood restaurant in the area. In order for a restaurant to pass the “Beigle test” it needs to have good prices, great food, and friendly service. The Station has all three!

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