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The St. George Lighthouse - Part 1

When all you’re thinking about is getting to the beach, it might be easy to ignore the lighthouse on your list of things to do on St. George Island, but I’m here to say it shouldn’t be! As I’ve mentioned in prior blogs, we’ve been going to St. George Island for ~15 years. We’ve driven by the SGI Lighthouse more than 100 times over that time frame and never went inside the lighthouse…until this year.

There is a lot of history at the lighthouse and a stop at the lighthouse would not be complete without visiting the St. George Island Museum. The old St. George Island lighthouse fell into the Gulf of Mexico from its home on Little St. George in October 2005. The remains of that lighthouse were used to rebuild the current lighthouse which now stands as the centerpiece of St. George Island just as you cross the bridge.

Before you go into the museum, make sure you park your pooch outside.

When walking around the museum, make sure you ask the ladies inside to tell you more about the history of the island, the lighthouse, and even some more history of Little St. George. The ladies are extremely knowledgeable and super nice!

After we walked through the museum, learned a lot about the history of the lighthouse and walked around the grounds, we decided to head up to the top of the lighthouse. During the Spring-Fall period the lighthouse is open every day except Thursdays. The hours are 10:00 – 5:00, expect on Sundays when the lighthouse opens at noon. During the winter months (November 1 – February 28) the lighthouse is open daily from noon until 5:00 (closed on Thursdays). There is a $5 fee for adults to climb the lighthouse ($3 for 7-16, children 6 and under are free).

Next week’s blog will show some of the beautiful pictures that we took from the lantern room.

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