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We've Moved!

We’ve taken a several week break from the SGI blog because…we’ve moved! Now, we don’t want to scare anyone…None of our vacation rental homes have moved, but we (the Beigles) have moved from upstate NY to the Denver, Colorado area. It’s been quite a process for us, and life has been CrAzY! This is the first time our family has moved at all, much less to the other side of the country!

As a few of you know, I (Jonathan) work in mining finance. For 11 years, I worked for an investment firm in upstate New York investing in mining companies (yes, the dig-stuff-out-of-the-ground kind of mining companies). I grew to love the industry so much – I guess I just like the big machines – that I went back to school to get a Masters Degree in Mining Engineering & Management and decided to pursue a new career in the mining industry.

I moved to Denver in January to start my new job. I had just 10 days to help Krista pack up our NY house as much as possible, pack my car, and drive across country to start the new job. Krista and the kids stayed in New York while I looked for a new house and settled into the new job. After a difficult 3-month home search (Denver is one of the “hottest” housing markets in the country), I finally found something that I thought everyone would like, and we purchased the house (without Krista ever seeing it in person).

We literally drove three days and arrived in Denver 2 hours before our closing (this is a picture of the family at closing).

While we would have loved to move closer to St. George Island, we’re having a great time here in Colorado so far.

We’ve already done a lot of hiking and have spent a lot of time outdoors. Some weekends we’ve been outside in 70-80 degree weather while our friends in NY have been digging out of snow (it has been a big weather upgrade for us!).

We’ve hiked around the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater…

The Denver Zoo (we even let the kids out of the animal cages!)…

The Flatirons…

Caught some awesome sunsets…

And even had a really cool hike in our new neighborhood!

It hasn’t been all fun though…we had a TON of boxes to unpack…

…And we’ve even put the kids to work!

While some of you have been patient with us as we’ve been in this transition process, especially those that stayed at one of our homes in April, you should not expect any changes going forward with your experience at any of our St. George Island vacation rental homes. We still have great partners/cleaners at our homes that keep an eye on things as much as possible, and we will be back to take care of things when it’s time for upgrades.

If you have not booked your summer vacation yet, we still have a (very) few weeks left, including the week of June 2nd at Sand Dollar. If you’re interested in coming back to one of our homes, please let us know.

If you have any favorite places to visit in Colorado...please let us know. We are always looking to for new things to do in what we've called the "Big Beigle Adventure."

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