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Our Go-To Casual Restaurant on SGI - BJ's

We’re back in full swing on our blog, and we are excited to talk about our go-to casual restaurant on SGI – BJ’s Pizza. If you missed our blog last week about Wakulla Springs check it out here.

If you’ve been to St. George Island, you’ve seen BJ’s…you just can’t miss it. BJ’s is located at 105 W Gulf Beach Dr. one block west of the St. George Island lighthouse. BJ’s was founded in 1990 by the Blackburn family so it’s one of the oldest restaurants on the island, and there is good reason why it has hung around for so long.

So why do we like BJ’s so much? We really just like the laid-back, casual feel of the place. The girls that work at the counter are always great and really friendly. BJ’s was remodeled 2-3 years ago and the owners added some nicer TVs and new tables and chairs. We always enjoy looking around at the college license plates that hang around the dining area (our kids always find the Alabama Crimson Tide plate quickly…Roll Tide!!).

We also like the outdoor seating too. Often times when we are on the island, we’re working on projects around one of our St. George Island vacation rental homes. We’re usually working hard and lose track of time and are scrambling for food. When that happens, we always go to BJ’s. The outdoor seating is nice because even when we are working really hard and sweaty or we need to bring our dog, Izzy, with us, we can sit outside and enjoy the ocean breezes.

But you know what we really like? We like the FOOD! BJ’s is really focused on pizza and subs. We’ve had several of the subs and sandwiches like the Fried Chicken Sandwich, Southwest Wrap, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the Philly Roast Beef Sub. We’ve had the Chicken Finger basket too. All of them have been so good. They are very reasonably priced too ($7.50-$9.50 including fries).

The real favorite of ours though is the pizza. We just moved to Colorado (which does NOT have good pizza) from upstate New York (which has VERY good pizza)! We are practically pizza experts (hehe), and we really like the pizza at BJs. We always end up going with the pepperoni or bacon pizzas (or we have several of the meats). BJ’s isn’t the cheapest pizza in the world ($17 for a large one-topping), but this also isn’t Little Caesar’s where you can get a Hot N Ready for 5 bucks either! The quality is far higher! You can check out the full BJ’s menu here.

If we are going to eat out during our stay on St. George Island, BJ’s is almost always our first place we eat. Make sure it’s on your list next time you go to SGI too!

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