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El Jalisco - Mejor Restaurante para el Desayuno

(Before you go straight to Google translate, we’ll help you out…Mejor Restaurante para el Desayuno is Spanish for “Best Restaurant for Breakfast.”)

Are you eating a lot of cereal on your St. George Island beach vacation? Do you feel the need to get out of the house for some food for the most important meal of the day? Do you need a little more than a Weber’s donut to get you through the morning? El Jalisco in Eastpoint is a Mexican restaurant in Eastpoint, just across the bridge from St. George Island that serves a great American breakfast. From omelets to pancakes, from burritos to goulash, El Jalisco has it all.

El Jalisco is a family-run business that has ten restaurants in North Florida (primarily within a 2-hour drive from Tallahassee) and serves other beach towns of Destin and Panama City. El Jalisco has continued to expand over the last several years and has plans to continue to grow throughout the southeast. The restaurant credits its success to the hard work by its families. Typically the restaurants are operated by 4-6 family members and close friends. The Eastpoint El Jalisco is one of the few (if not the only) to serve breakfast.

Now let’s get to the food! El Jalisco has a nice variety to their breakfast menu. While their breakfast menu is not on their website (you can check out their lunch and dinner menu here), they offer options like a philly cheesesteak omelet and fajita goulash as well as the traditional options like eggs, bacon and biscuits and gravy.

On a recent trip to St. George Island, we left Serene Dream to take a drive to El Jalisco for breakfast. El Jalisco is located at 260 Hwy 98 in Eastpoint, just a 7-minute drive from the St. George Island Lighthouse and just across the bridge from the island.

The breakfast menu for the kids has some nice options, including a pancake that is as big as your kid’s face! As you can see, our daughter was very excited about her huge pancake and bacon!

As I mentioned earlier, there is a big variety when it comes to the breakfast menu. I really enjoyed a cinnamon roll as well as a deluxe breakfast burrito. It was delicious!

Also, if you’re looking for some authentic Mexican food visit them out for lunch or dinner. To see the restaurant’s latest specials and more, check out their Facebook page.

Whether you’re looking for the standard breakfast fare of eggs, bacon and toast or looking for something a little different like a “deluxe super burrito” or fajita goulash, it’s fair to say that El Jalisco has the most variety on their breakfast menu of any restaurant in the area, and all at a great price. We definitely recommend giving El Jalisco a try for breakfast on your next St. George Island beach vacation!

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